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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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he was the one who was supposed to be on the train when it left the station. it left without him, though, leaving passenger onz a run away ride. the red line under the microscope after one of the first trains in morning rush took off with no one at the controls. >> the train just picked up speed. it went from five miles an hour to 30 and it just kept going and going and going. >> reporter: darrel brown says he and fellow passengers started getting worried when the train blew through stations at that speed despite the peangses pushing buttons, calling for a stop. >> we worried about what was going on. i called my girlfriend. sea said maybe someone hijacked the train. >> reporter: at the same time braintree police called 9-1-1 to report an injured tmpld worker. a worker we learned was the missing driver.
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i think it was just a scim. but he does vey laceration. >> the t pulled the plug on the third rail stopping the train. passengers waiting and wondering for a half hour. ?ee everything was dark. everything was stopped. and we were trying to open the doors and we could not. we were trying to press the button to the emergency room, and nobody heard. and the people that were on the first car were trying to knock on the door of the conductor. that's when we discovered there was nobody there. >> reporter: she says she was not too worried but others were. >> some people were trying to break the windows. most of the people were trying to open the doors and some others were trying to call and see what's going on. i know people called the mbta to say what happened. but we really didn't hear anything. >> reporter: finally t workers came on board, told passengers it was a power problem, and brought the train into the station. it wasn't until late thear
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missing t operator. >> there's a god. there's a god. i mean, because a lot of people could have got hurt this morning. >> reporter: as it was, no t officials say that the 50 or so passengers were not hurt. none of them. the driver, david vasquez has been traited for his injury -- treated for his injury dz and released. >> transportation official dz hold a news conference this afternoon we carried for you live and started to hear about some of what happened. did fail their customers. we were at this news conference. coverage now. >> reporter: the massachusetts department of transportation said this was a case of operator error. but at that press conference held less than an hour ago she would not specify if this was an intension act or accident only saying an operator who stepped off the train for a short time contacted authorities within
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without him. the 50 scared passengers on board blew through four stops traveling for nine miles without anyone who could slow is down or stop it on board the train. the dot moved up other red line trains ahead of it so there would not be a collision and then killed the third rail, stopping that run away train. there's now a multi-agency investigation underway but there are specific procedures that are in place to prevent something like this from happening. she called this an unacceptable breach of their number one responsibility of keeping people safe. and said this began when the train would not start. >> the train operator was unable to start the train and was cleared by the mbta operations control center to undertake a by-pass.
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undertake that procedure and while the operator was not on board the train, the train left the station. >> typically the motor person would request from our operations control center permission to place a train into by-pass mode. before exit the train to place it into by-pass the requirement is that the train be put in full service brake as well as a hand brake which is a manual brake. before the operator exits the cab to put the vehicle into by-pass. >> reporter: so it was asked several times at this conference whether either of those brakes were engaged when an operator got off board. the president said it would only be part of the investigation. should be noted that red line trains only have one opiate on on board. and this conductor has been placed on administrative leave. we're live in the department of caputo, 7news.
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yard in dorchester. byron barnett is live and has reaction from the governor about >> reporter: that's right. we've been talking to a source close to the investigation who has said that as far as they're concerned there's no nexus to troshism. as you've been -- terrorism. as you've been hearing officials say this was a case focused on human error. one official saying that the operator "messed up." now, behind me here is the train. over here the run away red line train in the cabot maintenance yard in south boston. it's been taken out of service and impounded. up there you see the front car where the opiate war on terror was -- operator was supposed to be driver. investigators removed evidence as they inspected the front core. investigators also took several photos of the control area inside the car.
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operators exited the train to manually override a red light on the tracks, and that when you did, the train took off without him. the source close to the investigation says it was a case of human error with no criminal intent. here's what governor bake her to say. >> inspection of the train determined that some of the controls had been manipulated, and there's an ongoing investigation right now that involves folks from the mbta, dot, and public safety. from what we can tell at this point, it appears to be an isolated incident. >> it's clear the main control that drives the train was tampered with. but as bill just said i think the big issue on this is whether it was a negligence issue or something else. >> reporter: again, here's the run away red line train out of service, impounded here at maintenance yard in south boston.
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investigation is focusing on human error and there's no evidence of terrorism. the f.b.i. was initially involved in the investigation but now we're told that the f.b.i. is out of this and the entire investigation is now in the hands of the state. i'm brian brian, 7news. >> thank you for that. you should know at home we're staying on top of this breaking news on air and on-line. you can check and the 7news mobile apps for the latest information any time. >> we're following breaking news on the terror attack in california. police are search aig lake only two miles away from the site of the last week's shooting. you see dive teams going into the
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into custody after firing a weapon the state's university campus. bomb squads are going through the area and examining a man's car. a university spokesperson says the threats started when that man drove not o campus and crashed his car into a barrier. the school says police su surrounded him. >> a patriot as star is seen back in action as the team prepares for the texans. this is a good sign considering a frightening fall less than two weeks ago. >> reporter: hey. gronk is back. three words you know the patriots have inform like hearing. -- to like hearing. listed as limented after -- limited after injurings hi knee. what makes bill smile? seeing ron back at practice. >> he's a great player.
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>> reporter: gronk back after missing the last four practices. he was wearing a brace on his injured right knee it was a great sign he was well to get back on the field, but it's uncertain if he'll play sunday night. >> i'm not sure. do i seem available to you guys? >> reporter: no. he has not. but we heard from the star tight end releasing a video saying he'll be back to game action when he's 100 percent. until then -- >> pts part of football season. have you to be mentally tough to overcome whatever adversity you face. and try to win a game. >> reporter: against houston's defers which features eight first round draft picks including j.j. watt. he broke his hand in practice wednesday but says he'll play wednesday night. q. you play through it. you go out there and help your team win. >> he's dynamic. he's a great pass rusher and
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we have to play well. and we have to know where he's at at all times on the field and protect us this week. >> reporter: and klein can say that. j.j. watt leads the league with 13 sacks. he says he's played with injuries way worse than a broken hand. >> thank you, alex. you can catch the action sunday night before the pats take on the texans. >> also, chipoltle's ceo stepping up after more students become ill. health officials at boston college say they know of 141 students with norovirus and the ceo did react to what's going on. elizabeth norieka joins with us that interview and the latest on chipoltle. >> reporter: 12 student who's didn't eat there are suffering
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the ceo says food safety experts will be inspecting restaurants around the country. woarks scrubbeded the loi caition down this week and every employee will be tested for norovirus before the restaurant reopens. >> i'm sorry for the people who got sick. they're having a tough time and i feel terrible about that. we're doing a lot to rectify this. >> reporter: investigators say an employee who came to work sick caused the outbreak. it comes on the heels of another outbreak in chipolte that
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>> and army sergeant bow -- bo burgdal talking about experience after being held captive forever five years. >> you're standing in a darkened dirt room that's tiny. and just on the other side of that wooden door that you could probably easily rip off the hinges is the entire world out there. it is everything that you're missing. it is everybody, everyone is out there. >> and there's a new congressional report that accuses president obama of breaking the law to negotiate the deal. the hostage swap that freed him. >> and north korea making a bomb threat today. the country's leader says highs scientists have developed an h bomb. it's more than 100 times powerful than an atomic bomb. no confirmation on whether the claim is true. we're continuing to work on this as they continue to develop this h bomb. we'll know more about this. >> all right. there's much more ahead right
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a taxi driven taken on a wild ride when he goes against an uber driver. >> and coming home the remains of a korean war hero returning to massachusetts today. those stories and more coming up on 7news. >> also if you see something you think needs investigating tell our investigateive reporter. you can call her at the number on your screen or send her an e-mail. >> reporter: hi, i'm chris yis in marlboro where we'll
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>> caught on cam ra. driver driver on the streets of toronto. a cab driver there dragged by what's believed object an uber vehicle. and police are saying that the incident was fueled by a citywide protest. >> taxi drivers say the ride sharing service is damaging their services. >> during a protest against uber in toronto on wednesday a cab driver was caught on video taking his frustration out on the company. banging on the window of an uber driver's car.
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dragging him nearly 75 feet. they say is threatening the very existence of the city's taxi industry. the man, the uber driver, and his passenger were not hurt. but the is the latest in a long line of incident involving uber drivers across the country and around the globe. cab drivers joined the global day of action against uber in september with more protests in france, brazil and india. while the car hailing app may have revolutionized the way we get a around, but it's caused controversy. q. you make more dollars per hour. it's flexible. you don't have a shift.
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cab drivers complain cars are uninsured and unsafe creating frustrations like this man's and protests that with spiral out of control. in response to that cab drivers complaints uber said it's working with toronto city officials to update regulations. >> back at it with the mild weather this afternoon. close to 60 . we'll do is again tomorrow. >> then at 5:30. a group of kids from new york got a free trip to the north pole. how one airline helped the children visit santa. >> and news is always happening. you can get caught up wherever you are whenever you want but using our ipad app to stream our newscasts and breaking
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>> we played an mit janitor in his breakout film "goodwill hunting." now after matt damon will be at the university to give the 2006 commencement address. the president says they chose the cambridge born act qlor bore both his hollywood acclaim and humanitarian work. that will not june 2. you think it will be warmer than today? >> maybe the same. who knows? beautiful out there today.
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>> it's hard to remember what month this is. chris lambert, more of this? >> feeling like mid-okts. and the mid-october beat will continue over the next several days. 50t - in boston. light sea breeze alnog the coastline. one thing about this time of year the nights are long. the temperatures don't last all that long, close to 60 in the afternoon. they'll get there for a few hours and then the temperatures fade back quickly late in the day and just after sunset. look at this. boston just shy of 60 at 58 . mid-50s held in the valley. now we've had patches of thin clouds working in from the west. not much of a dropoff
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going back down below freezing. no frosty starts the next couple of mornings, either. you may see more low clouds filling in. could start off on the gray side on friday and watch the clouds break apart and back into a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon. still mild tonight. 40 to 46, not real warm but this is relatively warm. current temperatures back into the midwest in ohio valley and down through the mid atlantic not much is changing. this is the weather pattern. watching for sunday is a back
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-- in -- may nudge in. i think the best chance ever holding in the low 50s is from the boston area. regardless, still a boft average sunday. if you have to go out and pick up the christmas tree or put up the decorations, the weather is work out. doesn't feel like christmas quite yet. still feeling like halloween or warmer than that. what i'm watching by the time we get into sunday there's energy diving into the southern plains. this will ignite severe weather down through places like arkansas. this is the storm system we night. it's a rainmaker. i don't expect severe weather but we'll get gusts and showers and localized downpour especially by monday evening into monday night. drying out early tuesday. that 59 on tuesday is tuesday morning. dry wednesday. few more showers on thursday. >> all right.
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first lady michelle obama giving us flotuk flavor. >> rapping about why everyone should go to the college >> south sierd chicago we all know we had to overtime to make it tomorrow. hey, kids, listen in michigan, that could be you. >> listen to her there. the college humor video makes an effort to urge the importance of going to college. mrs. obama has played a big role in fighting for higher education. she started the reach higher, make room initiative. she can rap it out there. >> nice job by the first lady. all right. we're covering some important breaking news today. a run away train on the red liven with passengers on board traveling down the tracks without an operator. we'll be updating own what
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>> all right. another 60 minutes of 7news ahead. i'm ryan schulties >> i'm kim khazei. stay right there for anybody at ak 30. >> breaking news the late of the on a run away train on the red line >> plus why there may be another delay in the trial of a local teenager accused of killing his teacher. >> too hot to handle. why one of the most popular dwifts this season is causing concern. >> mild afternoon with temperatures close to 60 . can we keep this weather going through the weekend? >> breaking news first here at 5:30. investigators want to know why a red line train took off this morning without a driver. the left the braintree stop with no one behind the controls >> investigators say they're looking at operateation error. >> they report the train opiate roar got out of the train with
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fix a problem.


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